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Your Essential Guide: Appraisal Insights in a Changing Real Estate Market
  • Posted by: joeappraiser
  • Category: Housing, Local Professionals, Market Report

The real estate market is ever-evolving, and in times of significant change, accurate appraisals become more crucial than ever. Property owners, buyers, and industry professionals must clearly understand how to navigate appraisals in a fluctuating market. Here’s a guide to help you stay ahead. 1. Understanding Local Trends Market Analysis: Research local market conditions, including…

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Little League Baseball and Buying a Home: A Surprising Comparison
  • Posted by: joeappraiser
  • Category: Uncategorized

It’s Saturday morning, and little league baseball is in full swing!!! As we sat and watched our grandson play ball and cheer for the home team, I could not help but think how Little League Baseball is a lot like buying a home. Wait!! Nathan just hit a HOMERUN!!!!! On the surface, Little League Baseball…

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What Items Should I Supply To The Appraiser?
  • Posted by: joeappraiser
  • Category: Buying a home

WHAT TO INCLUDE IN AN APPRAISAL PACKETThe following list is not all-inclusive. This list is for your Real estate professional (Realtor) You may find you want to include other information. Also, you may decide not to include all of the items listed below. This is merely a suggested list to help with getting through the…

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